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Web Hosting

Strategic.com Technologies is a leading web hosting company in Lagos, Nigeria with clients all across the globe. There are hundreds of web hosting companies in Nigeria alone, so what distinguishes us from the rest? Our high quality web hosting services, the wide range of services on our pallet, our affordable payment plans, and our reliable security, just to name a few. We offer various types of web hosting services such as Linux web hosting, domain web hosting, windows hosting, shared web hosting, business web hosting, and more.

Our client base has grown tremendously year after year. Our background has armed us with the expertise to handle all types of web hosting concerns. Our increasing experience has made us a reliable and trustworthy name among web hosting providers.

Cheap and affordable web hosting service packages are available to help you stay on top of your budget. Our unique web hosting service features include around the clock customer support via phone and e-mail, customized control panel design for effective administration, personal attention and value-added service. Our web hosting programs ensure that your website and email applications are running smoothly, so that you can focus on other important issues for your business.

We recognize that every business is unique and has specific requirements, thus we design customized web hosting packages for each of our clients. Whether your web hosting project is small or large, we look after it with ease and equal dedication. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in all of our work.


Content Management System

Content is the most important part of any website, and a site is virtually meaningless and uninteresting without it. We are a web services company providing content management services. If you are launching a new website, or want to update existing web content, a powerful web content management system will be highly beneficial to you. Some sites need regular reviewing of content. In such cases, installing content management software can create tremendous efficiencies. Here the user can update their own website content in a timely manner and with ease.

A well managed web content management system is a great asset for any website, particularly if it is content based. Content and document management systems can easily edit and update the existing content with current information. Maintaining relevant information on a site helps in attracting, retaining and pursuing the target customers to make a sale. Our content managers perform a varied range of functionalities such as updating of product information, creation and editing of picture groups, news and press release management, and more. Our customized content management systems design meaningful, relevant and search engine optimized content that will keep your site at the top of search engine results. Strategic.com Technologies’ writers are professionally skilled and can communicate your message in an interesting and effective manner.

Our content management services have spread to many different types of clients in all kinds of industries, thus we appeal to the global market. Our high quality output, excellent customer service, and most reasonable rates lead our clients to conclude us as a best content management system provider in Nigeria. We will integrate the best available content management system into your site, and you will reap the maximum profits.
Contact us for further information and learn more about our content management services.

Website Maintenance

An evolving website can sustain its audience’s interest, and repeat visitors drive up your business’s sales. Creating a website is a challenging task, and maintaining its quality is even more challenging. We perform website maintenance services with ease and expertise. We are website maintenance experts operating in Nigeria, and offering services all over the globe. As time elapses, it is always advisable to update your website, add or edit relevant content, and make other enhancements. We offer website maintenance contracts for fixed time periods. At this period, we oversee all aspects of your website maintenance.

Website maintenance services accomplish various functions such as:

• Management of web content by adding, editing or deleting the existing content, such as updating product    information or company news.
• Manipulation of navigation elements, images on the website, inclusion of new products in the shopping cart.
• Addition of new features to the website.
• Maintenance of newsletter and email lists.
• Protection from any security loopholes through routine security check and firewall.

Our company hires experts in website maintenance that have the skills to renew the existing website without changing the core idea of the content.

A high degree of importance is often placed on professional website design and creation. An equal amount of importance should be placed on professional website maintenance. We offer the best website maintenance services in Nigeria and the most affordable rates. Our company hires experts in website maintenance that have the skills to renew your existing website without changing the core idea of the content. We can keep your website ranking high in search engine results through the search optimization performed at regular intervals.

We take care of your website in a customized way, with a considerable amount of personal attention.
Contact us now to find out more about our unique website maintenance packages.

Web Consulting

Expertise in a trade can lead to profound results. Think of the difference business consulting can make on your company. If you plan to launch a new website or reform an existing website design, partnering with an elite web design and development consulting company would certainly pay off. We are a powerful web management consulting company based in Lagos, Nigeria, providing web design and development consulting for small businesses and large, across an infinite number of industries. We offer web design consulting services to both domestic and international clients at the most reasonable rates. Our web design consulting company combines the technical proficiency with strategic thinking that is necessary for the success of a web design development project.

Website start up consulting considers different areas of website designing that are crucial for launching a new site. It encompasses web designing, web hosting, content management systems, web development, search engine optimization, and more. Our internet business consulting specialists would conduct extensive research about your industry, requirements, target market and customers, competitors’ strengths, while keeping your budget in consideration.

Our team of experts will work with you to satisfy all your requirements and build a powerful and effective site. The years of experience accumulated in our web consulting company, allow us to easily overcome the many questions and challenges that surface in the developmental stage, such as which design is most appropriate, who is our target audience and how do we effectively communicate to them, and how do we optimize the website successfully. Our web professionals can foresee and prevent problems from arising, which can lead to dramatic economic benefits. And our extensive customer support services will let you rest assured.

Watch you business reach and surpass your highest goals! We can get you there.
Contact us now to learn more about internet business consulting.

Advanced Web Development Applications

Strategic.com Technologies has emerged as topmost web development company from Lagos Nigeria where you can be rest assured to get quality website development. We excel in offering simple web solutions for complex business problems making your enterprise capture the target audiences and market. Right from simple to advance web application we provide dedicated resources for all our client's projects. Our methodologies are extremely professional in nature giving us the position of one of the leaders of IT industry.

We have a spread of clientele all over the world, although we are web portal development company based in Nigeria. Our customers range from small scale to large scale corporate companies with whom we maintain long-term professional relations. We believe in delivering trusted and genuine quality of services no matter how big or small the website development project size be!

We do understand the fact that every business organization has their own problems to be addressed thus it needs customized solutions for it. We offer services like dashboard web application development, enterprise web portal development, etc to name a few.

Our team of website developers consists of talented website designers that have required qualification and experience in the relevant field. Apart from quality web development services, the rates offered are very genuine, flexible and in budget when compared to other web portal development company in Nigeria.

Database Applications

Strategic.com Technologies is a premier web database design company based in Nigeria, providing specialized web database development services to business of all types and sizes. Our clients comprise companies from all across the globe, thus giving us a vast array of experience. We recognize the importance of managing data accurately and on a regular basis, and will create the tools you need to more effectively manage your business.

Website database management poses tremendous benefits to its end users such as:

* Better integrity of data.
* Reduction of maintenance costs.
* Minimized data’s inconsistency.
* Fast and easy access to information.

Our team of web database developers devotes their efforts and energy to develop state-of-the-art website database designs for our clients. Your visions will be turned into realities! We will work to provide you with the best web database application at a very affordable cost.

A well developed website database design ensures an efficient mechanism to store data about your products/services. Effective collection, storage and retrieval of data are important for greater management and profits.

After conducting an extensive web database review our team of experts design appropriate database application management tools based on your requirements. We have developed web database designs that are flexible and can adjust to your evolving organization as need be. Strategic.com Technologies utilizes various software including, MYSQL database application, SQL database application, MS Access and Visual FoxPro.

Contact us to learn more about this essential service and ask for a free quote for your project now!
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